Beginning to use XAMPP for php coding

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Beginning to use XAMPP for php coding

Postby Milehigh8710 » 23. June 2011 22:19

Ok since I have found what I was looking for and didn't really get any help from other users (I'm guessing because I didn't word things to where they understood or maybe they didn't know either) I'm going to post what I have found, especially because it gives you all the information to download but nothing on getting started with writing your scripts and executing them.

My original question was basically, "How do I get started with php coding?"

Searching for the answer I found that all you have to do is download the XAMP 1.7.4
Start writing scripts using a text editor such as notepad for window users, save the file as "Whatever".php in the C:\xampp\htdocs
Make sure it is saved as a .php extension then open up a web browser and type in https://localhost/xampp/
This will be the program (online program) that will process your work.
Type in https://localhost/andthenameofyourPHPfi ... DOCSfolder and it will process the script for you, just like that :mrgreen:

So that is all that i have found out thus far, I hope this helps any newbies such as myself who didn't understand the fundamentals of what XAMMP even was.

If anyone wants to correct anything or add on feel free.

Now, time to start coding beeches 8)
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