Cannot resolve www in hostname

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Cannot resolve www in hostname

Postby kipperdog » 18. June 2011 09:47

Hi everyone, a newbie here

I downloaded XAMPP and have my web server running. I got a hostname from Dyndns and it works if I input the IP address in my browser and also works when I type in the hostname. However, when I prefix the hostname with www I get an error saying the page has not been found.
I have searched all the documentation I can find with no luck

Can any of you clever guys help me?


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Re: Cannot resolve www in hostname

Postby Sharley » 18. June 2011 09:56

This is a setting related to dyndns as you already have a subdomain from them and www is a sub domain of a sub domain of their dyndns domain name that has to be configured at the dyndns server.

All dyndns do is forward the request for the domain name to the current IP address of your XAMPP server.

I would think they do that for you but you would have to ask them.
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Re: Cannot resolve www in hostname

Postby JonB » 18. June 2011 11:49

I'm pretty sure on teh 'free' version of DynDNS, all hostnames are subdomains of one of the offered 'root' domains they control (therefore no 'www'). I think only the 'Pro' version allows you to use a 'www' hostname

Good Luck
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