Can't run Xampp on Windows Vista 64-bit

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Can't run Xampp on Windows Vista 64-bit

Postby foochuck » 11. June 2011 15:49


I have searched throughout these forums and have not found a way to get Xampp running on Windows Vista 64-bit.

I have disabled UAC and also turned off Internet Information Services before installing Xampp.

When I launch Xampp I get this error:

Next when I look at the status of the control panel I see there's another error:

Finally when I try to run http://localhost in my web browser, I get this page:

I have tried switching my ports from 80 to 8080 and also from 443 to 4499 however I have had no luck with that either.

I run Xampp on my Windows 7 laptop and it works great but I'd really like to get it up and running on my desktop.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Can't run Xampp on Windows Vista 64-bit

Postby Sharley » 12. June 2011 02:17

Often the installer version of XAMPP 1.7.4 fails to do it's job properly for various reasons and has been posted about many times before.

My suggestion is that you try uninstalling the installer version of 1.7.4 then download and unpack the ZIP version using these simple instructions here:
Make sure you follow the uninstall procedure fully or you may continue to have installation issues.

I also recommend you download and use the latest XAMPP Control Panel V3 to be found here...
...which should always have the latest build, but keep an eye on the below topic for any future development issues until it possibly becomes an included XAMPP component.
Topic here:

Coupled with the above ZIP installation method and the use of the newer XCP it should now allow you to move forward without any problems and the Status Check error message should be gone.

Also, unless you specifically require XAMPP components to always start at boot then I suggest you do not tick any of the Svc (Service) check boxes - most people use XAMPP for development not for production so this feature is best left unchecked which allows you to start the components whenever you need them thus conserving some system resources.

Good luck and best wishes. :)
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Re: Can't run Xampp on Windows Vista 64-bit

Postby foochuck » 12. June 2011 16:13


That did the trick. It looks like it's working now. Thank you!

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