php files won't run in IE - view downloads?

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php files won't run in IE - view downloads?

Postby johnoverall » 08. June 2011 22:46

I've installed XAMPP, localhost status says it's working okay but when I run php files they launch in IE and then swiftly close and I am prompted by a 'View Downloads' Windows dialogue box asking if I'd like to open the file or save it. I last looked at web development in the early part of the century and was okay with old school html but am struggling a little here. Hopefully this isn't the same old question you guys get week in, week out. Thanks in advance for any help :oops:

edit: same result when php file is in htdocs under xampp heirarchy or when using the run command with notepad++ using IE.
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Re: php files won't run in IE - view downloads?

Postby Sharley » 09. June 2011 02:47

What are you typing in your browser's address bar to 'run' a php file?

A php file must be parsed by the server so it needs to be a URI address in your browser, for example:
http://localhost/your-file.php if your-file.php is in the htdocs folder.

After installing XAMPP to test all is working including php you should type
in your browser and then exercise all the demos.
Please read readme_en.txt file in the C:\xampp folder.
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