Someone help xampp windows 7 64 bit

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Someone help xampp windows 7 64 bit

Postby gmxplode » 08. June 2011 17:04

hey guys .. i have installed xampp 1.7.4 but as soon as i start service and type localhost in my browser a blue screen appears showing memory crash and dumping physical memory pls kindly help
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Re: Someone help xampp windows 7 64 bit

Postby deck2deck » 08. June 2011 17:35

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination (so you may want to wait for someone else to weigh in here) but a blue screen is never a good sign. If it were me, I would uninstall immediately and see if that makes the problem go away. Make sure you use the uninstall feature that comes with the software (or you could do a system restore from within Safe Mode back to before you installed it). The latter might be the cleanest way to go. Good luck!
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Re: Someone help xampp windows 7 64 bit

Postby peterwt » 08. June 2011 17:50

I have the previous version, 1.7.3 working fine on Windows 7 64 bit - try that one.

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Re: Someone help xampp windows 7 64 bit

Postby JonB » 09. June 2011 18:42

Peterwt is on track - try using version 1.7.3

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