<? not recognized by XAMPP

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<? not recognized by XAMPP

Postby Vcize » 03. June 2011 04:09

I recently bought a website, and all of the php blocks on the site were opened with <? rather than <?php

This works fine on the webserver, but on my local server (XAMPP) it does not recognize the <? as starting a php block. If I change it to <?php it works fine.

This is a very large website and there are tons of instances of this. Rather than going through and changing every <? to <?php, is there a way to make XAMPP recognize <?
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Re: <? not recognized by XAMPP

Postby Altrea » 03. June 2011 11:08

Open your php.ini and search for short_open_tag .
There should only be one or two lines which are not commented out. That are the ones you have to change to On

If you are not sure if you change the right lines, post the full lines you want to change here.
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