Apache will not run

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Apache will not run

Postby visnik » 31. May 2011 18:43

Hey everyone,

I began the process of installing xampp about 5 days ago, I have been having a problem since. When I try to start apache through the control panel, it starts, and the button is green for just a second or so, then shuts off. I have found a few forum posts on this and everything I find tells me to turn off skype, but I am not running skype, It also tells me to check my ports, so I do, and port 80 is free. I looked for ISS service and it is not running on my machine. Other forum posts says the apache\logs\error.log will tell me what is wrong, however when I open it up, it is blank. I have even read that xampp version 1.7.4 has issues with windows 7, so I rolled back to 1.7.3. and still no go. Though Odd thing, xampplite1.7.3 will run without issue, but I need the full xampp.

Oh an and one other piece of info, when I run the apache_stop.bat file, it tells me "can't find httpd.exe", Service apache is not stopped."

Does anyone have any ideas? I am at a complete loss.

I am running windows 7 enterprise

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Re: Apache will not run

Postby betterthansex » 31. May 2011 23:48

Sorry I probably can't help you much but have you read this thread?

*** New XAMPP CONTROL PANEL Version 3 ***
There's a new beta control panel, that could fix your problems.
Best of luck with it.
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