Problems shutting down XAMPP on Win32 XP

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Problems shutting down XAMPP on Win32 XP

Postby Nosher » 30. May 2011 18:07

I am using XAMPP on WinXP 32bit +SP3 [i.e. xammp-win32-1.7.4-VC6-installer.exe] installed after uninstalling a previous version.

When I close XAMPP Control Panel Application by the [Exit] button the xampp-control.exe process disappears from the Windows Task Manager - no surprises there. If I close XAMPP Control Panel Application by the Windows button at the top right of its window (or just Alt-F4) the process remains in the Windows Task Manager, making restarting XAMPP Control Panel Application problematic.

If I made the mistake of shutting down by the Windows close button (or Alt F4) I would prefer if it shut down completely.
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Re: Problems shutting down XAMPP on Win32 XP

Postby Sharley » 31. May 2011 02:33

When you click on the X to close the control panel it is hard coded to close with an icon in the Notification Area (System Tray) of the Taskbar - where all the little icons are at the bottom right of the screen reside - to facilitate a quick and easy access to reopen it again.

If you click on the EXIT button then that does what it says, it exits the Control Panel.

You can, of course, customize the Control Panel to suit your every whim but unless you are familiar with editing and recompiling source code found in C:\xampp\src\xampp-control-panel\ folder then you will just have to get used to how it is already compiled, which has been the normal function now for multiple millions of users ever since it was first released.

Even the latest Control Panel version 3 continues with this method and still remains non configurable by the user unless they wish to edit and compile their own version as again the source code is provided - though with this latest version you can request new functions by posting in the related forum topic which is frequented by the developer.
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