Working outside the root dir

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Working outside the root dir

Postby Slimmmmmm » 30. May 2011 16:50

Hi, great forum.

I'm stuck at something and hoped that someone more familiar could help me out.

I currectly have my xampp setup to this folder....
I'm running Vista and everything is working as it should.

Now I have some other folders and files I'd like to add to some things, but they reside outside this root.
Everything I want to get at is in the C:\OUR\ folder

It has some folders inside EG:


How can I display file.ext as above, also how can I add a link (or url) to display the contents of FOLDER_3

Any help is appreciated, I will bookmark and check back often and re-edit my post if I get any further forward.
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Re: Working outside the root dir

Postby Sharley » 31. May 2011 02:38

Your solution may be to use a virtualhost or even an Alias directive and the best place to start is an Advanced search in this English forum for keywords vhost or virtualhost also for alias all of which have been extensively covered in the recent past.

You can also search the Internet with your favorite search engine for any of the above keywords that will surely provide much reading on these subjects.
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