Configuring for OpenSSL

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Configuring for OpenSSL

Postby dwlamb » 30. May 2011 02:56

Good day,

I am having a challenge with getting openssl to work. I am using xampp 1.7.3 This challenge started with the error code
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call to undefined function openssl_get_public

trying to run a script for a secure log-in. This is the same if I use openssl_get_publickey instead.

Researching it, I discovered that my php.ini did not even have
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much less that it was activated. Trying to activate it, php returned an error that php_openssl.dll did not exist in \xampplite\php\ext.

phpinfo.php says that Native OpenSSL support is enabled.

Googling this, all I have found is to unremark
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How do I fix this, please?

Thanks for taking time to read this.
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Re: Configuring for OpenSSL

Postby Sharley » 30. May 2011 04:01

XAMPPLite is just that, a very limited version.

I suggest you download and install the full version of XAMPP which does include OpenSSL.

You can download older versions (1.7.3 for example) form here if you wish:
SourceForge XAMPP File Repository

The alternate is to locate, via Google perhaps, the required files and install them yourself to the correct folder locations and add the correct line to the php.ini file, but there is still no guarantee that it will work with XAMPPLite but may be worth a try if you still want to use the lite version.
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