diseaster recovering for db created on xampp

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diseaster recovering for db created on xampp

Postby fwextreme » 29. May 2011 17:31


I have a database created for me .up and running... the platorm i am on is windows 7 home prem running xampp 1.7.4 server. ....i have a second machine "nothing installed" to use as back up and restore just in case the main machine fell..

is there a way to copy the database every 10-15 mn from the main live server to the second machine?.. when both in line.. both running...


Can i back up the database from the main server every 10-15 mn...with script or auto to external drive ..than do the restore on the second server..

Pls help me on this..with simple steps..


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Re: diseaster recovering for db created on xampp

Postby Sharley » 31. May 2011 03:21

On Windows the Linux cron job feature is not available which would have done the above job for you.

However Windows has it's own scheduling feature called Scheduled Tasks found in
Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools
in XP but location may vary with the newer Windows Versions.

You would normally create a batch file and then use this feature to run the batch file at certain times to copy over the relevant database folder from the \xampp\mysql\data folder to where ever you want it.

There may be more help in these search results on this subject - change the keywords to find out how to create a batch file for your needs if there is no info on batch files in the above search results.

There are also many commercial programs that could do a similar job, like many of the automation software offerings also there is WinCron, all of which may be revealed from an Internet search - download a trial version first to see if the software does the job you expect it to do...
...or this freeware may be a good place start:

You could also investigate the built in Synchronize feature of phpMyAdmin at http://localhost/phpmyadmin - read the related documentation for help, also an Internet search may hold some results from people who have actually used this feature.

Best I can suggest, but others may follow my lead and reply with alternative suggestions - hopefully the code for a suitable batch file would be most helpful for you. :)
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