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http file server

Postby dkerlee » 29. May 2011 02:36

I didn't find information on setting up an http file server. I imagine it would be some php script for sharing recursive directories and files specified through some sort of php interface. Is there anything like that as a module? Or external php script/program? Or perhaps there's already something built into XAMPP and I've just missed it all together.

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Re: http file server

Postby Sharley » 29. May 2011 07:55

Nothing like that built in to XAMPP other than the very limited directory index system (what a browser sees when there is no index file in a directory and indexing is turned on in the httpd.conf file).

Here is a nice directory listing (portable) app. that generates web pages from folders if that is all that you require, as the visitor can download files from these generated pages:

This popular freeware http file server may suit your needs:

HotScripts is another good place to look as they have different scripting language file manipulation scripts.

You may also find others here
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