Installing Wordpress and XAMPP

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Installing Wordpress and XAMPP

Postby Steve369 » 27. May 2011 23:16

Hello Friend.

I am new to both Wordpress and XAMPP. My goal is to install Wordpress locally as a testing server.

I followed the all the instructions closely on the following site, nevertheless there are two things that didn't happen:

A) I noticed that the file index for php doesn't appear in windows explorer. In other words when I co to edit the wp-config-sample.php, if I just click on it windows will ask me which program and PHP doesn't show up on the list. I did check the status via XAMPP control and it says that php is indeed running. Anyway my work around was to just edit the file via notepad, then I saved it according to the instructions.

B) The next problem I ran into was that when I try to install wordpress I received an error that the install file could not be found. The instructions say to do the following:

In your browser, go to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php and everything from there should run smoothly !

I checked the XAMPP/htdocs/wordpress folder and the file is there, nevertheless I keep getting an error when I try to install.

Please help if you can.
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Re: Installing Wordpress and XAMPP

Postby Nobbie » 28. May 2011 20:32

Steve369 wrote:that the install file could not be found

I will bet a billion dollars, that you might have received any error messages, but definately NOT an error "the install file could not be found".
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