localhost is pointing to internet website

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localhost is pointing to internet website

Postby jrtaylor » 23. May 2011 00:26

I'm attempting to clone my interenet site to my local computer.

I've sucessfully installed xampp, and installed the websites' files to the htdocs folder. I've also cloned the database with the correct db name, username, pwd etc.

When I type "http://localhost" my browser is pointed to the internet site instead of the local site.

I have no problem reaching localhost/phpmyadmin.

I've changed my windows hosts file to include: localhost mywebsite.com

And I've found several sets of instructions regarding .htaccess, php.ini and httpd.conf in various forums but no combination of code has worked.
So... I've uninstalled everything, and reinstalled. Therefore the above-mentioned files are in their pristine state.

Before I start modifying code agaian, can anyone point me to a definitive set of instructions for this? (joomla site, windows 7 64, xampp).

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