Wrong TomCat version in newest XAMPP release 1.7.4?

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Wrong TomCat version in newest XAMPP release 1.7.4?

Postby GeertVc » 21. May 2011 07:17


I just downloaded and installed XAMPP for Windows, version 1.7.4. On the website, it is mentioned that this version also contains Tomcat 7.0.3 (with mod_proxy_ajp as connector).

However, after installation, I see that TomCat 6.0.26 is installed, not 7.0.3. Am I missing something?

I've updated to the latest TomCat (currently, 7.0.14), by executing the following steps:

- Downloaded TomCat 7.0.14
- Removed the 'tomcat' directory in XAMPP
- Put the TomCat 7.0.14 directory in place (kept the same directory name 'tomcat')
- Changed the IP address in java.php from to localhost (for one strange reason or another, I kept on getting the "old" TomCat home page if I didn't do that change...)

So far, so good. I have now the newest XAMPP with the newest TomCat. Happy again... :-)
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