total newbie can't set root password

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total newbie can't set root password

Postby Tehanu » 19. May 2011 17:41

Hi everybody.

I have just installed Xampp. Now that is the first time in my life that I am looking at PHP or Apache or MySQL and only the third or so I am looking at any SQL or webpage script at all. (Until yesterday it was Microsoft Visual studio Express.)

When I test simple php snippets, they run as they should. phpMyAdmin, however, says "Your configuration file contains settings (root with no password) that correspond to the default MySQL privileged account. Your MySQL server is running with this default, is open to intrusion, and you really should fix this security hole by setting a password for user 'root'."

I go to privileges and there are TWO roots there, one on "localhost", the other on "". Why? Isn't "" the same as "localhost"? They both have "all privileges". I thought an account with no password and huge privileges was only dangerous if it was on "%", any host. So why is it warning me?

For each of those two roots, I click the icon tooltipped "Edit Privileges" and go to the third container, "change password". The radiobutton is set to "password" but both text boxes are empty. I fill them in carefully (same password for each of the two roots, so four times in all) abd click the button "Go".

Shouldn't that do it? But when I refresh now, I get the same warning message as above. Should I manually edit a config ini? Which one and what to replace with what? There is no config in the folder "xampp\mysql" and two different configs in "xampp\phpMyAdmin". Neither contains and obvious place to edit.

Please help?

BTW, there is a third user, a "pma". Is that something that phpMyAdmin created for itself and I should ignore it?
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Re: total newbie can't set root password

Postby Tehanu » 19. May 2011 18:01

Shucks. I wouldn't be replying to myself, except I read elsewhere on this forum, doubtless the truth, that Apache only reads configuration once as it starts. So I rebooted and now everything is down. Am I looking at uninstalling xampp and reinstalling it?
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Re: total newbie can't set root password

Postby Palych » 20. May 2011 07:46

I have the same problem.
Before entering PhPMyAdmin I set up all passwords on Security page. Then I tried to enter PhPMyAdmin with new root password and failed. Accidentally I typed login "root" with Russian letters (forgot to switch keyboard layout from RUS to ENG) and enterd without password. And there was no Privileges menu at all.
What I did wrong?
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Re: total newbie can't set root password

Postby dano » 09. June 2011 01:02

IT is not you.
The first thing we do when deploying a new server box is set the MYSQL Password.
in xampp version 175 the xampp page to set the security is not working. And I noticed that the link to where the save password in a file is wrong.
I skipped several updates just to have a system that was running while we set up hardware for the museum.

I fixed this before locally (8 months ago) I'll go back and learn it again and then return and explain how you can set your password for MYSQL using myphpadmin.
Passwords are MD5 encoded and originally I had to stuff an MD5 into mysql, but that is the last resort.
PMA belongs to the system, not you, nor I , is to be ignored.

for me I had and still have too many things to learn all at once.

back in a couple of days.
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