Stopped by the modem every time

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Stopped by the modem every time

Postby iBrew » 19. May 2011 12:34

Hey Apache Friends -
I recently successfully installed XAMPP on one of my PCs. However, I seem to be stuck somewhere. I gave my pc a static IP address and opened up ports 80 and 443 in both my Linksys router and my ZyXEL 660 series modem. I have DynDNS redirecting one of their free domains to my external IP. Then, I have the modem's firewall forwarding accepting WAN to LAN traffic, and my Linksys Router forwarding all WAN traffic to the static IP of the server.

When test the ports for the external IP address, they are closed, even though I made an exception for them in the NAT. I have gone through every possible menu item in both the router and modem. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Stopped by the modem every time

Postby peterwt » 20. May 2011 10:47

Some ISP's block ports so check with your ISP to see if the ports you want are blocked.

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