newbie need help!

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newbie need help!

Postby wayuce » 05. March 2004 00:52

1, i come from china,the only second language is english and it is poor,i do not know if you understand what i am saying,but i will try my best!
2,i have installed xampp,os is winxp works website can be reached by others.
3,i use adsl ,so my ip is dynamic. to resolve that,i use a third party software--peanuthull.
4,then the problem is here:i have set virtualhost ,somehow like these

DocumentRoot "D:/xampp/htdocs"

DocumentRoot "d:/xampp/peter"
on my pc,it works well.(i have hosts revised)
but on another pc,i type,it reaches
when i type,it reaches
i do not know what should i do!
help me please!!!
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Postby karl » 05. March 2004 07:14

do i need peanuthull if im with a cable ?
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in the httpd.conf file...

Postby nigelw » 07. March 2004 18:49

above your virtual host entries add the line
NameVirtualHost *:80
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