Website Inaccessible To Other Computers?

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Website Inaccessible To Other Computers?

Postby Owndapwn » 14. May 2011 01:38

I am trying to host a website for some friends of mine.
I have a Dyndns domain, and I can successfully get on said domain with no issue on my computer. But on any other computer or any other network, it will not connect.

The website itself is up.

Can I get someone who knows what they're doing run me through everything that needs to be done for it to connect to other computers?
This is my first time doing a website, and I seldom do networking, so I'm at an impasse as to how to fix it.

I think I've set the Hosts file correctly, and I think I've forwarded port 80 correctly, and I know it's not my firewall because I turned that off for now.
I tried setting the domain in the Apache httpd.config file, but to no avail. My domain is set to my IP, and Xampp runs fine locally, from both http://localhost/ and the actual domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've run out of the usual things to check.
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