Totally New and Totally Lost

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Totally New and Totally Lost

Postby wiseoldman » 12. May 2011 20:52

Well, I have no idea what happened but I just tried displaying the page again and now "http://localhost/test.php" displays correctly. So, I guess I have to develop a .php page using my html editor (or something similar) and then open a browser and do the "http://localhost/test.php" to see what it looks like. Ditto for anything involving mySQL. But I wonder what I have to do to get the HTML-KIT display button to do the same. Probably play around and see what happens. :shock:

I have installed xampp and things seem ok. However, I use HTML-KIT to make .html and .php files, one of the later processes a html email form and works just fine on my web site but I didn't have the ability to test on my PC. I opened C:/xampp/htdocs/test.php using my HTML-KIT and clicked on DISPLAY. Nothing happens, i.e. a blank page. I am trying to learn to make and test .php files on my PC without uploading to my web site.

Could someone please point me in the right direction to get me started? I am sure that once someone tells me how to get a .php file to display on my PC I will be off an running. For now I am stuck in the starting blocks even though the gun has gone off.

Appreciate your help.
Thank you. :)
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Re: Totally New and Totally Lost

Postby Sharley » 13. May 2011 00:40

php files have to be parsed by a web server like Apache so the code can be interpreted and send to your browser so you can read it.

Unlike html which is parsed by your web browser or similar and so does not need a web server to parse the code for you to be able to read the file.

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Re: Totally New and Totally Lost

Postby wiseoldman » 13. May 2011 01:05

Thank you. :P

It always seems that by the time I post a question and someone answers it I have figured it out, well most times. But, I always ask questions because I never know if the answer will be found before someone answers it.
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