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PostPosted: 02. March 2004 17:05
by slicence
Please help. I have downloaded XAMP and installed it, but can't connect via localhost. I get "page not displayed".

Also will downloading this XAMP help me easily create databases and PHP files? Where do I store everything and how does it work. I'm really confused.

Reading the other messages I have already tried the following:

1) Connect via - no luck
2) Tried another browser - no luck
3) Telnet localhost 80 on localhost. Connection OK. Typed in some stuff, but got no HTML. Any suggestions?

apache service

PostPosted: 02. March 2004 22:52
by nigelw
Did you start the apache service by launching the .bat file in the xampp directory?

Clarification - and what I've achieved

PostPosted: 03. March 2004 09:42
by slicence
I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you mean the setup_xamp.bat yes I ran that, and have tried refreshing it.

I also run apache_start.bat and mysql_start.bat everytime I want to connect. I'm wondering if it is just the PHP stuff, as I managed to create an MySQL database using another tool.

However I have just tried a php script in a browser using and it said "Connection refused"

I then tried again to telnet port 80 and connection was refused also.

I have run up apache and mySQL and both say they have started. I can connect to the mySQL database through another program, so I don't understand what else is the problem via telnet or a browser. I have tried both Mosaic and IE as the browsers. I have never tried to set this up before, so it's probably something simple. I ran the following :


Is there anything else I need to run or how would I un-install xamp completely to try installation again?

Any suggestions?


PostPosted: 03. March 2004 13:31
by nigelw
try running the filezilla server. i found wierd things dont happen when you dont run that.
Are you looking to use all the functions of xampp like php, mysql, apache etc? or do you just want a webserver.