Full Reset?

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Full Reset?

Postby Cali292 » 07. May 2011 03:52

Would it be possible to completely reset all default settings for xampp? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing (saying yes to all the "Do you wish to remove X?" things), but somehow it always keeps the directoryindex and root index from before. This makes it impossible for me to even get to the "htdocs/xampp/splash.php" to start the install/setup. When I did somehow get to access it, it only showed splash.php as if it were a text doc instead of showing the actual contents of the file. Whenever I do somehow navigate to open a .php file, it only shows the code inside instead of the actual contents. I've tried changing the directoryindex and root index in "xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf" with no luck. When i go to http://localhost/ with apache running, it only brings me to the "It Works!" page (on a clean re-install). Any help in getting the splash.php to show so I can get it set up?
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Re: Full Reset?

Postby Sharley » 07. May 2011 03:58

See if following these instructions I have just posted for a member who had to do a clean install after having issues that seemed impossible to fix.

Ignore that it was for a MySQL issue as all your interested in is having a nice clean fresh installation that will work in the end.

Also it assumes you already have the XAMPP Control Panel open.

Good Luck.
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