MySql won't connect databases

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MySql won't connect databases

Postby xappa47 » 05. May 2011 23:13

Hello everybody,

I can't seem to get any products to see my xampp local server MySql databases, I always create databases from tutorials yet I can't connect.

I created a database (website_db) and a user (website_user) and set it to have all privileges.
Then the products asks me : Database User (website_db), database Password (password), Database Hostname (localhost), Database Name (website_user), Database Table Prefix (email_)(this is filled out by product)

I couldn't test 2 products (Kayako and Interspire) because of MySql.
Someone please help me. Thank you very much. :D
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Re: MySql won't connect databases

Postby Sharley » 07. May 2011 00:45

xappa47, please do not double posts in these forums.
Kindly delete your other topic about this same issue as you will only be replied to in this topic.

Is MySQL running?
Check using the XAMPP Control Panel.

What do you see when you type:
If you arrive at the XAMPP Welcome page do any of the demos work.

What error messages are you seeing (full details) when you try and use your scripts that access a database?.

How are you trying to connect to the databases?

Try and give as much details as possible please.
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