strange problem...

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strange problem...

Postby joomtalk » 04. May 2011 14:03

i had used XAMPp alot and it was easy to use, but last week when i changed my Windows , I downlaoded the new version but i have a strang problem...
when i install it and copy joomla to htdoc and finish the installation and point to one of the pages e.g localhost/joomla/administrator ,all i see is a page filled with pars eerror. it seems xampp understand nothing about the codes!:confused::confused:it also doesnt stopfrom the xampp_stop file and many other problems...i downloaded many other versions as in usb,lite ,... but they had the same problem...what should i DO???
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Re: strange problem...

Postby Altrea » 04. May 2011 14:23

strange, that you don't post the parse error text here.

joomtalk wrote:what should i DO???

Post a better error reporting here!
Information about your OS, XAMPP version, Installation path, Joomla version, error messages, everything what can be helpful
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