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Install problem

PostPosted: 25. April 2011 00:00
by Ag2000CO
I think the install of xammp went well. The control panel works and when I start apache as a service using the control panel, it does show up in my windows Vista list of services as Apache2.2, Status Running.

However, when entering http://localhost/index.php in my browser I get this error:

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Your selected skin 'Skin1' is either not available or not a PRTG 6 compatible skin. Please check the 'webtemplates\Skin1' subfolder of your PRTG installation or select another skin in the options dialog.

All versions of http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/index.php or test.php or test.html result in the same error from http://localhost/sensorlist.htm

OS is Vista current
browser is firefox 4.0
installed in root C:\\xampp\

Any ideas?

Re: Install problem

PostPosted: 26. April 2011 05:08
by Ag2000CO
wole wrote:
Ag2000CO wrote:not a PRTG 6 ...
subfolder of your PRTG installation ...

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Neues Paessler Billing Tool: Abrechnungen direkt aus PRTG Network Monitor generieren
bietet jetzt als Erweiterung seiner Netzwerküberwachungslösung PRTG Network Monitor ein individuell anpassbares Abrechnungstool an. Dieses ermöglicht es Managed Service-Providern (MSPs) und Rechenzentrumsbetreibern, detaillierte nutzungsbasierende Rechnungen für ihre Kunden direkt aus PRTG zu erstellen

No Supoort for PRTG
No Support for commerzial produkts

I take if from you insightful response that apache is not compatible with another application I have on my PC. I don't suppose I can get any advise on how to get xampp and or apache to run on the same machine as sawmill 8?