Localhost Log-in Problem [SOLVED]

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Localhost Log-in Problem [SOLVED]

Postby hehfest » 22. April 2011 23:24

Running Apache and I set up the xampp localhost as in http://localhost. I changed the configuration in order to enter the localhost to prompt for username and password. I lost both of them. I've tried just about everything on my end here. Is there anyway to override this prompt and still get in? Or find this username and password somewhere? If I have to uninstall then I will have to set up all the configurations over again, and that will set me back big time.

If you have any more questions just let me know....if it would help you answer here.
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Re: Localhost Log-in Problem

Postby Altrea » 22. April 2011 23:25

delete the .htaccess file inside your xampp\htdocs or xampp\htdocs\xampp folder.
Thats it.
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Re: Localhost Log-in Problem

Postby hehfest » 10. May 2011 03:08

That worked! Thanks for the help!
Now, I need to figure out some others again.
I will write these down from now on for sure.
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