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New to XAMPP

Postby elaine » 14. April 2011 17:35

I'm new to Joomla and XAMPP...after installing and reinstalling both downloads I have unknowingly done something wrong. The following error occurs:

Some errors occurred while populating the database: Table 'joomla16.jos_viewlevels' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_viewlevels` (`id`, `title`, `ordering`, `rules`) VALUES (1, 'Public', 0, '[1]'), (2, 'Registered', 1, '[6,2,8]'), (3, 'Special', 2, '[6,3,8]')

How can I fix this issue?
Thank you for your advice
Much appreciated
E :D
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Re: New to XAMPP

Postby sll1966 » 14. April 2011 19:37

Probably bad Joomla code, or bad configuration.

If you have a database tool, you can verify the db to make sure it even there.
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