Xampp 1.7.1 and window 2008

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Xampp 1.7.1 and window 2008

Postby amorousman » 11. April 2011 11:40

HI All,
I have installed my server, Xampp 1.7.1 on window 2008, I get a message from window "To prevent your computer from virus, DEP stoped your apache HTTP" after setup some website, apache just only run gain after close the windows. is Apache in Xampp 1.7.1 a virus? :).
Let me know the way to solute.
Thank you so much.
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Re: Xampp 1.7.1 and window 2008

Postby iamme » 11. April 2011 23:29

DEP "data execution prevention" is a windows feature.
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