How many database in mysql?

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How many database in mysql?

Postby amorousman » 08. April 2011 19:22

Hello everyone,
1. I am using xamp version (1.7.1) - windows 2008, please tell me how many database in this version. I wonder the way to reduce file ibdata1 (my ibdata1 is over 400Mb).
2. I have installed wordpress (3.1) in this server, But it have not display any thing since 2 days. It worked as well as before.
My site have about 3500 articles at the moment. please give your suggestion.

Thank you so much.
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Re: How many database in mysql?

Postby Sharley » 09. April 2011 01:12

Open phpMyAdmin and find the database that is big and see if you can find a way of deleting or compacting the data or reducing any Overhead.

Check the \xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini file for any settings that you can tweak to improve the performance as MySQL in XAMPP is not setup for anything other than a basic low performance installation - Google may help with this aspect.
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