Warning about apache running at 100% and torrents

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Warning about apache running at 100% and torrents

Postby brunoais » 07. April 2011 12:09

You use any torrent client (like utorrent) and apache
You turn on apache and utorrent at the same time and httpd.exe starts consuming 100% CPU
Then this is for you

There are trackers that are redirecting all tracking traffic to yourself ( That is redirected to httpd.exe who is waiting for that traffic. utorrent can send +- 200 scrapes/announces per second, that means about 40 per second to your server.
Try doing in cmd.exe (don't make me explain how to get to the cmd.exe):
ping tracker.piratebay.org
It'll show that the ip is
That brings us to the solution.
In all torrents you download remove the folioing trackers that match:
tracker.zerotracker.com -> (this means http://tracker.zerotracker.com/announce, http://tracker.zerotracker.com:80/announce, etc...)
http://www.sumotracker.com -> (this means http://www.sumotracker.com, udp://www.sumotracker.com, etc...)

and substitute these trackers
tracker.thepiratebay.org, vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org, etc... by: udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce

Your problem should be fixed by now. if not, well... there may be more servers that point the DNS towards your own PC.
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