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New to forums, and a few question :]]

PostPosted: 07. April 2011 04:05
by Black_Vamp
Hey So i just joined the forums, been messing around with Xampp for a few days its pretty awesome and easy to use, I managed to get a test site up, and learned a few php and html commands by visiting youtube; but yeah basically I want to use Xampp for a few things, first I wanted to make a local webisite, with a link to a forums and all that good stuff but im wondering weather I should build a forums or just use a free one like on invision free or something of the sort, what would you guy recommend , also im trying to make a broswer game using php, html and Java script I wanted to know would I be able to do this? im currently using Eclipse with a php addon but my question is if I pass a variable thru the URL using a form post will I be able to pick that variable back up using a java codec on the page or something of the sort? I've been looking around but haven't been able to find an answer, thankx in advance any help would be appreciated.

Re: New to forums, and a few question :]]

PostPosted: 07. April 2011 19:59
by Black_Vamp
Well I actually managed to find the answer online yesterday after a few hours of looking around, so its all good, sorry for the double post but im having problems making my server public, I know your supposed to foward port 80 but I dont really know how to do it, also my firewall is off so im not to sure if theres a need for port fowarding.

I tried editting the httpd file wasnt to sure what to do but I edited this line "ServerName".

but yeah basically I installed Xamp im running Apache, Mysql and filezilla I created an simple helloworld file and named it index.php but it's not letting anyone outside of my network connect to it.

im connected via router my IP adress is The default gateway is and im not to sure about the public IP right now.

Re: New to forums, and a few question :]]

PostPosted: 07. April 2011 20:58
by WilliL
to connect to xampp use: Http://localhost

xampp desifned for developement not for internet or intranet. There are a lot of (planed) security holes in.

Please use the english part of this forum (scroll downwards)

Re: New to forums, and a few question :]]

PostPosted: 08. April 2011 03:10
by Black_Vamp
Well im trying to get a user outside of my network to connect using my ip, and yeah im aware of the security holes i'll find a work around, ive already seen how to handle most of em , also I looked up a program called DYNDNS it seems like that will hide my Ip and let users connect to my server by typing it a web address im going to give it a try but yeah if anyone knows how I can get users outside of my local network to connect please let me know :]]