Uninstalling XAMPP

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Uninstalling XAMPP

Postby cliveprice » 02. April 2011 08:09

I installed using the Windows installer and followed instructions to use the uninstaller to remove XAMPP as it wasn't working for me.

The uninstaller ran and all dialogue boxes answered affirmatively to remove all traces - but it hasn't it has left a folder and files on the hard drive I can't remove as it tells me that the programme is running. This is xampp/mysql/bin/mysqld.exe.

I have been left with services that continue to run (Mysql) which I cannot uninstall.

I have stopped these services and disabled them from running in Windows through Task Manager but they continue to want to start and run and are preventing their deletion.

I would have expected "uninstall" to do exactly that - not leave processes running on my PC.

Is there a solution to this?
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Re: Uninstalling XAMPP

Postby Sharley » 02. April 2011 14:44

Try this:
Go to
Click OK
sc delete mysql
Click Enter

If the mysql service is installed then this should delete the mysql service and allow you to now delete the xampp folder.

You could also run the mysql_uninstallservice.bat from the \xampp\mysql folder to uninstall the mysql service, then try and remove the xampp folder.
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Re: Uninstalling XAMPP

Postby cliveprice » 04. April 2011 14:47

Thanks Sharley, but this didn't work. I ran the routine from cmd.exe and i got a failure message code 5.

I have no batch file in XAMPP. Al l that is left following the running of the Windows uninstaller is a folder as follows:


I cannot remove these folders or files as Windows 7 tells me that this process is running and cannot be deleted.

Any other ideas. I have to say this is a real pet hate of mine (uninstallers that don't work and leave files all over the place) - I just wanted to try Joomla, not to have to go through all of this nonsense!


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Re: Uninstalling XAMPP

Postby WilliL » 04. April 2011 16:59

start taskmanager and look for: "sqlservr.exe"
kill this job and try deleting again.
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