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Problem after backup

PostPosted: 01. April 2011 08:39
by Knud
I have made ​​2 backups with akeeba and put them into localhost. Works fine from the front end, but when I go into the backend I get this message "Apache http stopped working" after login.Jeg running Win 7 and XAMMP (Apache and Mysql)
I have no problems when I run a normal page, there is no backup.
Have inquired into a joomla-forum, they says the problem is the way localhost is working?
8) Knud

Re: Problem after backup

PostPosted: 01. April 2011 08:57
by Sharley
Not sure what you mean by front end and back end - can you please explain exactly what is happening?

What do you mean when you say you put things into the localhost?

What do you see when you type in your browser http://localhost?

Where is XAMPP installed and what version have you installed?

Try and explain exactly what your problems are and remember we can't know or see what you are doing on your PC, we have to rely on you giving us exact and precise details.

Thanks and best wishes :)

Re: Problem after backup

PostPosted: 01. April 2011 18:49
by Knud
The 2 backups are 2 sites I have made ​​in joomla. I unpacking them on my own computer so I run and test them locally.
The backup I made is done ​​with Akeeba-backup and unpacking on my computer with Kickstart.

Have the following installed on your computer
XAMPP Panel Version 2.2, Vindows 6.1 build 7600 Platform 2nd
My track program is win7.

When I log into front-end of the 2 sites it works fine.
When I log into the back-end (administration) I get this message "Apache Server stopped working"

I hope this can be understood.

:-) Knud

Re: Problem after backup

PostPosted: 02. April 2011 21:41
by Knud
I have solved the problem by installing a new version of XAMPP (1.6.7)

:-) Knud