default xampp server mobile device issue.

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default xampp server mobile device issue.

Postby dboulton » 31. March 2011 03:29

I have a default xamp server running with a very basic webpage. The xampp server is running on a windows laptop connected to a wifi router. I have not changed any settings in xampp configs other than add an alias to the web directory and change the index.php in htdocs to point to the alias.

The idea is to have devices connected to the wifi get redirected to webserver. If I connect a laptop and try to navigate to a page it will redirect to the webserver and display the proper page. The issue is if I connect a mobile device the devices think its a hotspot. In particular iphones. If I connect an iphone to the network and navigate to a page it opens the hotspot login screen. Since I dont have a captive portal page the only option is to either browse the page in the login window or hit cancel which drops you from the network.

Any ideas on how to make the xampp server not look like a hotspot on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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