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Xampp version

PostPosted: 30. March 2011 01:05
by cbq
hi everyone
i'm looking for xampp version which contains php 4 or 5, because i'm installing mambo and it doesn't work with higher version. Could someone plz tell me which version i need? thanks

Re: Xampp version

PostPosted: 30. March 2011 05:58
by Sharley
Check out the files and the release notes associated with each version at the SourceForge XAMPP File Repository.

Click on a version then look for each versions release notes by clicking on the small round black i button just before the time line link and then click on the Release Notes link below the MD5 check sums.

For example here is the link to the version 1.6.6 release notes: ... _id=573790
Here is the release notes for version 1.5.0: ... _id=368900

You will find the XAMPP component versions in the release notes - slow method but it is the best available, see below about a list that used to be available.

There used to be a German Wiki that had a list of each versions contents but like all good things it seems to have disappeared in to thin air - if anyone still has a link or knows of a change of address then please post it here as the list saved much time and energy searching for each versions contents.
This was the old address that now gives a 404 not found error: