Trying to reinstall XAMPP on windows 7, getting error messag

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Trying to reinstall XAMPP on windows 7, getting error messag

Postby kurtwhiting » 29. March 2011 18:26

"Important MS Vista Note! Because an activated Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) on your system some functions of xampp are possibly restricted. With UAC please avoid to install XAMPP to C:\Program Files (x86) (because of not enough write permissions). Or deactivate UAC (with msconfig) after this setup."

Can someone please tell me what this means? I keep getting this error when installing and think it has something to do with why I can't run phpmyadmin once installed. I am VERY new to this.
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Re: Trying to reinstall XAMPP on windows 7, getting error me

Postby Sharley » 30. March 2011 06:10

In Vista you need to be logged in as an administrator and to also disable UAC (User Account Control) as it restricts certain administrative function necessary for the smooth running of a web server - you will be a web server administrator after you install XAMPP.

Install XAMPP to the root of a drive or partition, for example to the C:\ drive so you end up with all the installation files in C:\xampp - do not install XAMPP to a folder with a space in the name and remember that all things in XAMPP are case sensitive.

To disable UAC go to
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts
there you will find an option
Turn User Account Control on or off
just click on it and uncheck
User Account Control to help protect your computer
click OK.

If you also have IIS installed and active then you will not be able to run XAMPP on port 80 and SSL on port 443.

Simply disable IIS as you won't need it if you install XAMPP and Apache.
To disable IIS go to
Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features
on the leftmost side you will find an option
Turn Windows features on or off
click on it and uncheck
Internet Information Services
click OK
and then restart your computer.

Good luck.
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Re: Trying to reinstall XAMPP on windows 7, getting error me

Postby peterwt » 01. April 2011 12:05

I had XAMPP ver. 1.7.3 running on Vista 32 bit and now have it running on Windows 7 64 bit without any problems. I did not have to disable UAC in either case. It is important to install in C:\XAMPP directory you and are logged in on an administrator account when you install.

You stated that you have a problem with phpmyadmin - does that mean everything else is working? Which version did you install?

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