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[XAMPP 1.7.4 & 1.7.5-beta] mysql.sock Missing?

PostPosted: 28. March 2011 23:25
by dlpenguinlover
Hello. I have just recieved the Error #2002 have traced it into the my.ini file which has a reference to mysql.sock....

I have followed these instructions...

Note: If you are getting an error such as “#2002 – The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server’s socket is not correctly configured)” when connecting to http://localhost/phpmyadmin . It is most likely that your loopback is not defined. Edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file so that you have: localhost

If you have a # in front of that line, take it out.

Source: ... ified-code

But still recieve this error. Any help?

Re: [XAMPP 1.7.4 & 1.7.5-beta] mysql.sock Missing?

PostPosted: 29. March 2011 01:21
by Sharley
For version 1.7.4 change the 2 lines in the \xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini file that reference socket = "" to read
socket = "MySQL"
then save the file and restart the MySQL server - there is one under [client] and the other is under [mysqld].

For the beta version you should make a report on the beta web page form specific to your problem, not in here as there is no support yet for beta versions in these forums.