Why isn't my site showing up??

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Why isn't my site showing up??

Postby galindodesigns » 26. March 2011 01:41


a week ago i started working on a "Dummy site"
using Drupal,

i installed everything correctly (i assume)
i made a lot of progress and it was beginning to look great,
but..today i went to

http://localhost And http://localhost/xampp/

and nothing happens at all, and i clicked "Start" on the Mysql & ftp buttons on the XAMPP Control Panel
and still nothing happened

any ideas on how to fix this ?
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Re: Why isn't my site showing up??

Postby Sharley » 26. March 2011 01:55

In your XAMPP Control Panel is Apache and MySQL showing a green running indication?

Read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for any related clues.
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