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links unrecognized using DW and XAMPP

PostPosted: 24. March 2011 22:38
by ndree
someone help me please. i'm not a native english speaker so pardon my language or my grammar.
I've been looking around what am i missing when i set up the "site preferences" in Dreamweaver. it seems that every time i execute a browser preview directly from DW it worked fine. (hit the F12 key).

Then i can't figure out what went wrong, but every time i clicked another link it went to http://localhost/link1 not http://localhost/mysite/link1
while my root folder is http://localhost/mysite

for example, i have a spry navigation. Home, about us, gallery, blog, contact us.
i edited and previewed index.php from DW. launched it using testing server which is XAMPP. and it launched http://localhost/mysite (worked fine)
then i clicked the about us button, it went off to http://localhost/aboutus where it should have launched http://localhost/mysite/aboutus
What am i missing? what URL should i put in the navigation? "./aboutus", "../aboutus"??