This seems no it supported or deprecated?

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This seems no it supported or deprecated?

Postby lse123 » 20. March 2011 18:08

This seems no work
is it supported or deprecated?
I installed at 06Feb2011 newest win ver of XAMPP...

Code: Select all
foreach($this->Orders as $Order) {
$SQLstring = "SELECT * FROM ". $this->OrderTable[key($this->Orders)]." WHERE productID='".key($this->Orders)."';";
echo $SQLstring. "<br />";
$QueryResult = @mysqli_query($this->DBConnect, $SQLstring) or die("<p>Unable to perform the query1.</p>"."<p>Error code ".mysqli_errno($this->DBConnect).":".mysqli_error($this->DBConnect))."</p>";

echo "<tr><td>{$Row[1]}</td>";
echo "<td aligh='center'>$Order </td>";
printf("<td aligh='center'>$%.2f</td></tr>",$Row[3]);
$Total += $Row[3]*$Order;
} // end for each

consider to reply and this unrelated post please:

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Re: This seems no it supported or deprecated?

Postby DC80 » 22. March 2011 10:16

Check your error log from apache. I have a similar problem. If it is deprecated then it should be there.

You can find the error log at: [installation folder/drive:] xampp / apache / logs / error.log
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