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XAMPP internet access breaks after a while

PostPosted: 20. March 2011 15:28
by Zinu
Hi there,

I have a strange problem with XAMPP on my home server running W2K8. After a while (~an hour?) my websites in /htdocs/ are no longer reachable over the internet (by At this point they are still accessable over local IP ( that is). When I reboot my router (D-Link DIR-655) it is accessable again, but only for about an hour, as stated earlier.

I run more programs out of my network, on ports like 8080, 8085. These are still working at this point, through something like Ofcourse, these aren't running on XAMPP, which is why I'm thinking the problem is with XAMPP here. It isn't my domain name either, because http://<externalip>/site doesn't work either. With the other programs something like http://<externalip>:8080/program does work.

I know this isn't a lot of information to work with, but I wouldn't know what else information to provide. Maybe any of you have seen this before and can help me based on that. If any extra information is required, let me know, and I'll look it up.

Thanks in advance.