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Suggestions 4 Next Version

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I suggest that for the next version that you put the ability for users to create a MySQL database name, username and password and be able to link the database username to the database name and to add and revoke privileges when uploading sites to our Xampp server.

Any script; mainly PHP scripts ask for the db_name, db_username and db_password in the config.php file, so why not add the ability.

Also, you should add the ability for Xampp to have a type of SmartPath. EXMPLE: Someone places a site in a www directory and point the browser to http://localhost/sitename/install.php. The SmartPath will decipher where the site is located on the server and be able to change the path to what it needs to be and install the site... When it comes to installing the site from the localhost, it's difficult; especially, when it comes to doing it from "c:\server\www\sitename\"; moreso with Perl scripts.
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