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mysql as service not workin

PostPosted: 23. February 2004 11:35
by vigge89
Im running XAMPP 1.3 on my Windows XP Home computer. Haveing Apache installed as an service works great, but i can't install MySQL as service, becuase when i do, it doesn't start after i've done it. Does anyone know how to fix this "bug", or have i done something wrong. I'm kinda tired of having to start mysql each time i start the computer...

Great server-package otherwise!

PostPosted: 26. February 2004 00:42
by MAGnUm
look in start -> settings -> control pannel ->admin tools -> and double click services, do you see mysql service? if you already see it check event viewer / system log to see if there is a problem

PostPosted: 19. March 2004 20:31
by plexiprs
Just installed the latest version and it came up no problem. Apache 2 run as a service, also no trouble, but MySQL won't run as a service.

XAMPP is on F: which is boot drive. In the readme_en.txt it states,
Code: Select all
==> Install MySQL as service
Before, please copy the my.cnf with absolute paths to c:\ (c:\my.cnf)!
The XAMPP package has a "my", "my.cnf.old" and a "my.nt-cnf.old" but no my.cnf. Win2K(SP4) viewed the *.cnf as a SpeedDial file so I swacked that off. I've tried all of these files as F:\my.cnf but all get the following after running mysql_installservice.bat;
Code: Select all
Note: We need a c:\my.cnf for an installation as service!
Just i have copy bin\my.nt-cnf as c:\my.cnf.
The system cannot find the drive specified.
You should control the c:\my.cnf for absolute paths!
Installing MySQL as an Service
The service already exists!
The current server installed: F:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt MySQL
MySQL is starting as service ...
Press any key to continue . . .

Services show MySQL, but "stopped" Sys Log shows no events, unless I try to start MySQL in the Service Manager. I then get an Error 1067 Terminated Unexpectedly.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

PostPosted: 19. March 2004 20:55
by plexiprs
Never mind ! :?

The mysql_installservice.bat needed to be edited to copy the my.cnf to F: instead of C: :shock:

Works great now !!! :)

Outstanding product !!!!!!!!! :D


PostPosted: 21. March 2004 20:48
by MAGnUm
if you change the path to which you install wampp you will need to edit the batch files used to start the program in some cases.