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PostPosted: 14. March 2011 06:45
by rickvill
hi am using xampp.

i installed it properly on my first pc. i run the program.

the question is, how can i access the database in my first computer using onother pc via lan(local area network).

what are the settings.


Re: xammp

PostPosted: 17. March 2011 08:22
by Sharley
You need to set privileges for the user of the database you want to access from the LAN PC to Any Host not localhost which is the default setting.

On the localhost PC with XAMPP installed, open phpMyAdmin using the root user and select the Privileges button from the top menu.

Click on the edit button in the end Action column of the user of a database you want to access from the LAN PC.

If you want the root user to have access (not recommended - localhost only is preferred for root) then you will have to create a new root user with these new Any Host privileges.

Scroll down to the Change Login Information / Copy User section - last section.

Find the entry for Host: and from the drop menu select Any Host and a % will be inserted in the next text box.

No need to change any other settings.

Now click on the Go button at the end of this section.

Exit phpMyAdmin and restart MySQL.

Try and access the database again.