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Error: Status Check Failure [66568]

PostPosted: 14. March 2011 01:51
by alienjones
I recently removed xampp from an external drive I needed to make portable and reinstalled a newer version on drive c: of windows 7 Pro (64/32). I used Revo uninstaller which monitored the installation and checks to ensure every registry entry and file is removed with the application. Doesn't always work that way (Adobe trials for example) somehow something is left Revo can't find because you can't run a second trial. Until something better comes along, this is all I have.

The whole installation is now in c:/xampp. Version 2.5 of Control Panel the installer downloaded a few days ago so I guess it is the current flavour.

The error is because a false report is being read. The message says:
This program must be run from your xampp root directory.
The Control Panel reports this as: Current directory C:\xampp.
I know it is safe to ignore capital and lowercase differences under Windows but can the difference have an impact on xampp under windows? Maybe I'll find the answer here. Control Panel "admin" buttons don't work.


Re: Error: Status Check Failure [66568]

PostPosted: 14. March 2011 02:16
by alienjones
I know it's got to be sad when you answer your own posts but...

I just removed the problem version using the uninstall.bat file and reinstalled the same version in the original location ((E:/xampp) Now the status check reports:
Install(er) Directory E:/xampp
ERROR: Status Check Failure [-2]
This program must be run from your xampp root directory.

Well by doing this, I reinstalled the current version in the same location as the original so the notion a fragment must be left in the registry seems wrong.

I guess I'll just go back to installing the individual components I need or maybe develop on my live server and forget about having Apache locally for testing. The one flaw with "free" as in free to use software is the total lack of on tap support. If this was Microsoft (shudder) I could solve the problem over the phone for $65.