xampp on usb reported size bigger than usb size?

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xampp on usb reported size bigger than usb size?

Postby westsurf99 » 13. March 2011 18:52


This is a very strange problem. I downloaded the xampp zip for windows and extracted it to an 8 GB usb stick. Today when I resumed work on my computer, I received a message from Windows asking that I run chkdsk on the usb stick. It reported several xampp files as being corrupt and unreadable. I ran chkdsk and this was the result:

"Insufficient disk space to recover lost data.
1893860 KB in 43840 recoverable files.
Windows found problems with the file system that could not be corrected.
8,184,140 KB total disk space.
128 KB in 7 hidden files.
108,092 KB in 1,406 folders.
3,288,676 KB in 13,087 files.
36 KB in bad sectors.
2,893,028 KB are available.

4,096 bytes in each allocation unit.
2,046,035 total allocation units on disk.
723,257 allocation units available on disk."

I haven't ran chkdsk /i to attempt to repair the sectors yet. Instead I looked at the size of the xampp folder and it reported that it is 787 GB (845,753,779,065 bytes) large. Has anyone seen this issue before? I am running virus scan on it now, but it's taking forever. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!
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Re: xampp on usb reported size bigger than usb size?

Postby DC80 » 13. March 2011 19:52

I read about some problems with it (xampp_install.bat e.g) on this forum. I can't support you, however, i can advice you to use the installer (.exe). It will install (and run from) on your USB device.
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