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ffmpeg on php5

PostPosted: 13. March 2011 11:09
by Dave_C
The new xampp comes with php 5.3.5 and ffmpeg doesn't support this apparently, So is there an alternative for windows xp home?

I want to make a video site and need ffmpeg, mencoder, flvtool2 etc..

Re: ffmpeg on php5

PostPosted: 13. March 2011 21:39
by xfsgpr
You could install the previous version (1.7.3) or try installing the packages separatel;y yourself by downloading from the actual source.

I have now installed all the packages separately without using XAMPP:


This allows you to select the packages and version numbers and also updates as and when they come out. For example, I am using phpMyAdmin version I also like to see what goes on to my machine rather than installing something without having the source code to see what is being installed.