How do I upgrade?

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How do I upgrade?

Postby MAD King » 10. March 2011 19:10


I am using the version 1.6.0a and would like to upgrade to the latest one.
I do not use the installed version of xampp. Could someone please tell me how I can upgrade without loosing all the databases and htdocs?

Thank you
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Re: How do I upgrade?

Postby xfsgpr » 13. March 2011 21:58

According to XAMPP website, it says:

With a new XAMPP version, there is normally a upgrade package too. Additionally, we have sometimes small patches between the releases.

An upgrade is always problematically and there can be errors in the upgrade process. Because of this, you should always make a backup from your XAMPP folder before you upgrade it. werden.

We are trying to adjust your configuration files during the upgrade progress, if necessary. Especially if a new XAMPP have a lot of changes compared to the old one, we are providing no upgrade package for security reasons. Sorry.

As with the add-ons, install the upgrade directly into the XAMPP directory (e.g. "C:\xampp"). And you must also start the setup script "setup_xampp.bat".

I couldn't find the upgrade package link so you will need to search for yourself. this indicates lots of changes!!

Hope this gives you a start.
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Re: How do I upgrade?

Postby Altrea » 13. March 2011 23:40

An upgrade of the version will fail, because there are no Upgrade Packages for XAMPP 1.7.1 => XAMPP 1.7.2 and XAMPP 1.7.3 => XAMPP 1.7.4.

To not loose your Databases you should export them withMySQL Batch tool mysqldump, phpmyadmin or tools like mysqldumper.
You have to store your MySQL login data too!
You should backup your whole htdocs folder and all config files, better you backup your whole XAMPP folder.

Then you have to do a fresh install of the XAMPP package you want to use, reimport your databases, insert your login data, copy your htdocs folder and try if everything is working.
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