Internet connection lost after installing XAMPP

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Internet connection lost after installing XAMPP

Postby pegaus01 » 10. March 2011 16:46


I was installing XAMPP on my windows xp laptop for the first time and going through the installation routine, I typed in "http://localhost/" in the browser, and immediate I was taken to the screen seen in this link:

Then I got a screen that said, something like, welcome you have successfully installed XAMPP on this system.
I then clicked on the phpMyAdmin link on the left side of that screen, and it took me to another screen where I was going to create a new database. However, right before clicking create, I saw that i lost my internet connection. i still hit create and of course, after hitting the create button, I got the page not found screen. I tried the localhost address, but that also showed me the address not found page.

I have 2 other computers working fine connected to the internet, so not sure what happened.
If i do an Ipconfig I get a strange ip address 169.254.x.x, which when i do a google on it, it tells me that this indicates there is a network problem but so far have been unable to figure out what it might be.

Wondered if I might have screwed up a network setting while installing XAMPP, although the thing pretty much installed itself automatically, and I only remember clicking to confirm the installation folder.

Any ideas as to where/how to troubleshoot what appears to be a network problem?
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Re: Internet connection lost after installing XAMPP

Postby WilliL » 10. March 2011 20:32

you could try

if it works fine, have a look to 'c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS'
there shold be a line like ' localhost' - if not insert these data
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