Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

Postby ciuli » 09. March 2011 12:20


let me try to explain what I want to do:
- My harddrive was partionated into two drives: C, E
- I have two OS: Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7
- Originally only Windows XP was installed on C
- Windows 7 was installed at a later stage on E but as you know in Windows 7 the E drive has changed to C and E to D

My xamp is installed in E (Win. XP) / C (Win. 7).
What I want is to use the same Xamp in both OSes so I've tried to do this:
- declared in Windows XP an Environment Variable and tried to use it for the start in httpd.conf like in this example:
ServerRoot %XAMP_DRIVE%:/xampp/apache
but it seams that it's not working.....

So I'm stuck, there is a way to do this?!!!

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Re: Is it possible?

Postby em3g » 11. March 2011 12:38

I think so. However I think you just have to do it this way.

To have the same installation work on both partitions, if you have your xampp installation on one of the partitions say in the windows xp partition "c:\_websever\xampp". Boot with windows 7 (the other os not hosting the xampp installation)... which assumes that you now have the running os (windows 7) on drive c: and the other installed os with the xampp installation (windows xp) on drive d:.

Now, install hardlink shell extension so that you can easily handle symbolic links within the windows gui. Then right click on folder "d:\_webserver" (the windows xp os partition and the root folder to which the xampp folder is located) and choose pick link source. Then go to the root of the windows 7 os partition (drive c: in windows 7) and right click on empty space to choose drop as junction.

That should create a junction (similar to a symbolic link, but on another drive) on drive c: of windows 7, which points to "d:\_websever\xampp". The os now treats that link like a normal folder... progrms won't know the difference unless they explicitely check for that. It means your xampp installation will actually think it is installed on the windows 7 partition... "c:\_websever\xampp" :roll:

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